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Maintenance Tips


Check tie wear and inflation pressure.
We will happily check this for you as a courtesy.


Make sure your fluids clean and full-Including Engine Oil, Anti-freeze, Coolant, and Transmission Fluid.


Most cars and trucks use synthetic oils now, so perform oil changes every 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. -Note* The change interval recommendation has been increasing in recent years.


Perform cooling system services, transmission services, and rear differential services every 5 years or 150,000 miles, or as recommended by your service manual. In Eugene, these fluids take a real beating so be sure you change them!!


Do not ignore your vehicle’s warning lights; they light up for a reason. Warning lights signify the need for attention……Or they may be to signify the need for immediate attention.


A Check Engine light, often amber in color, may signify a potential mechanical, electrical, or computer failure. The Check Engine light may be related to vehicle emissions, which can result in lowered gas mileage. Check Engine light may or may not be accompanied by drivability problems such as sputtering, rough idle, or loss of power.


An Oil, Brake, or Coolant light that is red in color, may signify the need for immediate attention due to a low fluid level, or a mechanical or hydraulic failure in that system. These types of problems may be accompanied by symptoms such as an odd smell or small fire.


Please pay attention to what your vehicle is telling you. Please refer to your owner’s manual or call Will’s Auto Repair in Eugene for questions.

Happy motoring!