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Auto Repair Services

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Where do you go when you need you vehicle repaired?
Will’s Auto Repair is your go to for all makes and models.

Auto Repair Services

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Where do you go when you need you vehicle repaired?
Will’s Auto Repair is your go to for all makes and models.

Your time is Invaluable.
Save time and get peace of mind with our a Digital Vehicle Inspection.

At Will’s Auto Repair, we want you to feel confident about decisions you make concerning your auto repairs. We promote and practice transparency with all our services so you have peace of mind. Because the decision is yours, we want you to have the complete knowledge of the overall health of your vehicle.

What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection?

Knowing and pinpointing what the repair or maintenance issue is great. Understanding why it is an issue for your specific vehicle and how to resolve or prevent it is where the beauty of digital vehicle inspections comes in.

We can provide you with a multipoint digital inspection that shows comprehensive results specific to your vehicle along with detailed photos. We’ll let you know the good and the bad. You’ll know what’s running smoothly, what needs servicing soon, and what parts need servicing/repair now.

Photos act as our silent service advisor. We understand that imagery is impactful, and we don’t want to just get your money for a repair and leave you feeling left in the dark. We want you to have all the facts and be able to see what our technicians are viewing too.

We store all of your results digitally so that any technician will be able to take over and have the exact same knowledge base of your vehicle.

Having access to photos and being kept in the loop paints the best picture of what’s going on with your vehicle. Because photos can be texted or emailed, whether you’re at work, home or out and about, you’ll have inspection results as soon as we do. We want to take the mystery out of car repair and digital vehicle inspections do just that.

Sample Digital Inspection Report

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Digital Vehicle Inspection FAQs

  • Full transparency on your vehicle’s overall condition
  • All our technicians have access to the specific knowledge base of your vehicle information meaning anyone can give you an answer, not just the technician conducting the inspection.
  • Greater understanding of when or how long you have before you need to make repair/maintenance decisions.
  • You’ll receive notifications and photos as soon as they become available.
  • Test Drive
  • Underhood
  • Suspension/Steering
  • Brakes
  • Under Car
  • Maintenance – filters, timing belt, ignition tune-up

Yes, and no. A multipoint inspection can be done on paper, but there can be a lot of room for error. Most auto repair shops have taken the bait and realized that converting their multipoint inspections from paper to digital yield more accurate, faster results.
A digital inspection can include customized inspections for your vehicle make and model as well as a general multipoint inspection. Let us know what your concerns are, and we’ll make sure you have all the information we do concerning your vehicle’s needs.

Digital Vs Paper Inspection

Vehicle inspections are at the core of diagnosing what’s going on with your car, truck or EV. As technology advances so have the methods of how we need to work accurately and efficiently for you. Being able to conduct an inspection digitally has proven to be the best way to get accurate, fast results and mitigates much larger issues that could arise in the future.

You might ask yourself what’s wrong with the old paper inspections? In the past, you would have a technician “talk” you through all the charts and checks upon the printout they show you. Are you really seeing everything, though? No. Unfortunately, paper inspections promote a “cherry picking” perspective. This means that you may only be aware of the “most glaring” issues for the lowest ticket price, but other issues may fall through the cracks. This might feel like this is being done as a favor to you, the customer, but this could just be postponing the inevitable. This may lead you to go to another repair shop when issues become more severe.